I got this for mothers day last year, and it’s quite the game changer. This is the best deep cleansing tool that I have used. I can manipulate it more than others, and get into the smaller areas of my face without feeling like I am getting my cleanser everywhere. I take my makeup off with the Take The Day Off balm. Then I use my Oily Skin Formula cleanser. I do 30 seconds on my forehead, 30 seconds on my nose, upper lip and chin. And 30 seconds on my cheeks and jawline. I can see all the extra makeup that comes off when I use it, and I love it! I rinse the brush every time I move to another area, and I only use a half pump (dime sized). Afterwards I rinse off my cleanser and follow through with my Clarifying Lotion. It’s amazing to see how much my dead skin is coming off when I look at the cotton ball! A lot of people may mistake it for more makeup, but it was all dead skin for me, which is crazy! My last step is my Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. My skin has never felt as good as it does now with any other products or tools I’ve used. I won’t ever change my ways. This tool is a necessity for everyone.

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