Almost 4 months ago I purchased the Estee Lauder Double Wear Say-in-place Foundation SPF 10 in the colour Rich Chestnut . Now I obviously could have reviewed this product a lot sooner, but I decided to try the foundation during different seasons in order to give you the best review.

I started using the foundation towards the end of winter – but before we get into how the experience went, just a quick recap on my skin. I have dry combination skin and it’s extremely sensitive. During the winter periods, my skin tends to get dry around my forehead and it looks patchy and scaly. During the summer time, my skin tends to be normal but oily around my t-zone which then requires powdering throughout the day.

Winter: Upon application of the foundation I immediately thought that it would dry my skin out and I felt as though the foundation had a red undertone to it, but it surprised me just how it automatically blended with my skin.

Summer: Now with the recent heat waves, I decided to try the foundation again – my goodness, the beauty of this foundation.

I came to a realisation that my skin is lighter during winter (due to the fact that there’s hardly any sun) then it tends to darken during summer because I absolutely love the sun.

I applied the foundation and it matched my skin tone perfectly with ease. The oiliness seems to diminish when I use this foundation. The foundation is medium coverage and also buildable.

I basically apply my first thin coat all over my face and let it sit for around two minutes and then apply a second coat. When I applied the second coat I immediately felt as though it had a mattefying effect to my skin. It felt like it totally stuck to my and didn’t move (which is a good thing during summer). I felt like a natural second skin.

I love love this foundation and now I see why it’s being getting such good reviews. This foundation gets a 7/10 from me.

It’s available from all major department stores and retails for around R480.

Go ahead and get your faced matched to the correct shade. It comes in 29 different shades – so I’m sure you’ll find your perfect match

Hope you enjoyed my beauties