I have a problem where lots of toothpaste brands cause nausea when touching my tongue but I didn’t experience this using the sensodyne. The toothpaste is white and the consistency isn’t too soft, it goes on the toothbrush easily and stays there till you are ready to brush. It makes lots of foam while brushing so an amount the size of a pea is efficient. It left my mouth feeling really clean and fresh.

I used this toothpaste together with the Sensodyne Clear Comfort Toothbrush & Sensodyne Cool Mint Mouth Wash

After using all three products twice a day for 11 days I did the ice cream test, before I would cringe and cry and even need to take pain killers for the intense throbbing pain I that would last a long time after eating the ice cream. I am happy to announce I can finally eat ice-cream, pain free! Besides my teeth being less sensitive I found my mouth felt cleaner for longer. I would definitely be purchasing all three products again