I really love using this mouth wash, the bottle is easy to open and the amount of mouthwash needed is easily decanted into the lid that has a clear marker of how much to use. I have trouble using mouthwash for the time indicated as it tends to burn so much that I can’t handle it after 15 seconds, with the Sensodyne Cool Mint Mouth Wash I didn’t experience this at all, the sting wasn’t as intense and I could easily use it for 60 seconds. My mouth felt amazing.

I used the Sensodyne Cool Mint Mouth Wash together with the Sensodyne Clear Comfort Toothbrush & Sensodyne Repair and Protect Toothpaste.

After using all three products twice a day for 11 days I did the ice cream test, before I would cringe and cry and even need to take pain killers for the intense throbbing pain I that would last a long time after eating the ice cream. I am happy to announce I can finally eat ice-cream, pain free! Besides my teeth being less sensitive I found my mouth felt cleaner for longer. I would definitely be purchasing all three products again.