I was introduced to the Sisley Brand by a friend years ago before these products hit our shelves. Needless to say I was delighted when the brand rolled out here.

What I love about Sisley is that these are all natural products made to the highest manufacturing standards using only the best ingredients. There are very few brands I unreservedly trust on my skin and Sisley is one of those. I have never used a Sisley product that I did not absolutely love. Whether skincare or cosmetic this brand is not cheap but absolutely worth the money. Why compromise on your face? When I was young and full of collagen I took chances. Those days are over and now I refuse to apply substandard products on my body.

I have olive skin and it can be tricky to get perfect matches of foundation and powders. Sisley colours are phenomenal. This shadow works well with my dark brown eyes and olive skin.

I have several Sisley shadows and each one of them stay in the coveted pile of my cosmetics. It is critical for eye shadows and lip colours to be true to their visual display. That way you can select the colours and blends and judge their intensity without having to sit through a trial at the counter. Sisley has beautiful colours and they work well together.

The Shadows tend to be intense. So you need less product for a good effect. The products wear well and the skin can breathe. Even with full cover of foundations or very dramatic effects on eyes the skin does not feel or look overdone.

The difference of this product is best experienced by trying it. Once you see it and feel it on your skin you realise that it is possible to have an amazing product that look great, feels great and won’t do harm to your skin.

Sisley products are pricy because they are made from the best ingredients . They wear well because they are made for skin. The products are high quality and are made to take care of your skin even while it is covered in make-up. Sisley products won’t clog your pores. It stays put and is still easy to cleanse. I was completely surprised when I first discovered Sisley.

This brand is in my top three cosmetic houses for quality products.

Love Naturally
Silk Helmet Lady