Promises made by Garnier:
• Tailor-made for fragile, damaged hair.
• Powerful Blend enriched with Honey, Royal Jelly and bee Propolis, leaves fragile, damaged hair feeling healthier and more resilient from the first wash.

My Experience:
• I love the somewhat simple look but warm colour of the bottle
• The smell is simply divine!!!!! My hair still smells great several days after use!
• My dry hair felt very clean afterwards, but not as dried out as with some shampoos
• Love the fact that it comes in 200 and 400ml bottles. Just hoping the 400ml will be a real saving and not as with other shampoos almost the same price as 2 x bottles 200ml.

• I am still trying to find some, as my hair is wavy, dry and damaged and this shampoo just made it feel and look great!