The product is worth every cent! A little goes a very long way and results are guaranteed! I used to be much heavier than I am now and as a result I had dark stretch marks on my waist, hips and bums. I started using bio oil about 3 years ago and used to oil myself up in the mornings after a shower and at night after a bath. I became so used to using the product that I started adding a few drops into my bath water and having oil nights where I would moisturise with bio oil over my whole body!

I wish I could upload a picture to show everyone how much lighter my stretch marks are! What I love about the product is that it delivers what it guarantees and in a gradual time. Everyone knows that anything worth having does not come easy and fast and you know what, Bio Oil lives up to that statement. Change is a gradual process. I feel confident enough to walk around in my bikini and also some lingerie on one of those nights. I still use bio oil everyday and I even use it on my face and dab it on my lips. I trust this product more than I do myself! I will buy this product for the rest of my life no matter the cost!