This product is interesting for a number of reasons. An oil cleanser sounds absolutely marvellous. It is an interesting green colour with a very natural citrus and herb scent.

The lipidol brand makes the green body cleanser and the smaller blue face cleanser. Do stick to the suggestion to try both if you are interested in this product. Here’s why.

Both products are an oil consistency. They lather when mixed with water into a whitish soap. The body oil is fast acting and is meant to be used in the shower. You can and I have used it in the bath. Th best way to use it in the bath is to apply it onto your dry skin and then slip into the bath for a relaxing splash. Do not underestimate the cleaning power of this oil. It will clean even your no longer white facecloth. Which is why this body oil is not ideal to use on your face. The cleansers are potent.

Use the face oil in the smaller blue bottle instead. The face oil does a great job at cleaning off dirt and even make-up. Do rinse well and follow with a moisturiser.

I found the packaging of this product to be impractical. Particularly the body oil. Ideally it should be in a pump bottle to reduce the slipping through oily wet hands.

Overall I do like Lipidol. It is ideal as an efficient cleanser. I have dry skin and my skin was fine after the wash. Save for when I tried the body oil on my face I ended up with a taut mask.

Love Naturally
Silk Helmet Lady