I was lucky enough to be chosen to review the Rimmel Volume Accelerator mascara. The purpose of the Rimmel Volume Accelerator mascara is to increase the volume of your lashes, by giving them up to 10x more volume. The packing is bright and eye-catching – black and lime green, and small enough to easily fit into my makeup bag – a lot of mascaras are actually too long for it and have to be fit in diagonally, which takes up too much space. The formula inside is thick and very well pigmented, and it was definitely full – so many mascara products seem almost to be half empty when you purchase them, so this was a plus!

I did find there were certain pros and cons to the product. On the plus side, the mascara didn’t smudge at all during the day, and stayed put until I took it off at night, and then it came off easily with my makeup remover. It was a deep inky black and was easy to apply. However, the product didn’t really seem to pump up the volume of my lashes as it said it would. When I read the breakdown on the product, and it’s packaging, I was expecting something miraculous, and it really was just like any other mascara – nice enough, but definitely not something especially great.

I found that to get even CLOSE to decent volume I had to use at least 3 coats of the mascara, and even then, my regular mascara does exactly that in only 1 coat, so I was understandably a little disappointed. I will continue to use the mascara, but I don’t think I will purchase it again, as the mascara I usually use works better and is a much better price.