Lip Attack lipgloss by Battlehouse Cosmetics is packaged in a long and slender tube usually associated with lipglosses. I noticed that the ingredients were not listed on the tube. I tend to get dry and chapped lips so it’s nice to know what goes into the lipgloss I am using. The soft brush applicator makes it easy to apply. The gloss seemed more like a lipstick when applied to my lips; it was quite matte and did not have much shine. Personally, I prefer lip products that are more glossy. The lipgloss does however have a beautiful red colour which really suits my caramel-like complexion perfectly. It also seemed to moisturise my lips quite well. The colour lasted quite a while on my lips. Overall, it’s not a bad product but I feel it could use more shine power. My friends and family told me that the colour really looks great on me. I would recommend it to someone who doesn’t mind a matte look, but I would not recommend it to anyone who is expecting a high gloss finish.