Loreal Infallible Gloss is packaged in a long and slender, see-through tube. When I opened the gloss, I noticed it had a slight berry scent which I absolutely love! The shape of the brush applicator was kind of strange, making it hard to apply the gloss evenly. The gloss has a gorgeous berry colour which I believe will look great on any skin tone. My friends and family also told me that the colour looks amazing on me. The product description of the gloss on Beauty South Africa’s website stated that the gloss is ‘mega glossy’ but I found it to be very matte and even a bit drying. As a result, I had to wear it with a bit of Vaseline on my lips. I didn’t like that I had to do this extra step, especially for such an expensive lipgloss. Overall, it’s a good product but I feel that it could use a lot more moisture.