The purpose of this lip stain is to provide intense colour, high shine, be long-lasting and offer a seductive scent.
The box it comes in is not anything special but the actual tube of gloss is too cute. Covered with a ribbon and plastic shoe trinket, it is beautifully presented. It does really have a gorgeous smell,  but to me it’s more like blueberries or raspberries, not vanilla as the box suggests. The consistency is much thicker than a normal gloss and it really does have a much longer lasting effect on the lips than any other gloss I have tried. It had a sort of tingling effect on my lips!
I am not really a lipstick girl, I barely wear gloss and the colour is not my favourite, more purple than red, but many people have commented on how they like the look when I wear it. Go figure!
I am not sure about the pheromone-boosting blend that it offers users, but maybe that’s just me! It is not something I would buy it again, as I would not use it long-term but it was definitely fun to review.