I really like how the Hannon lipstick feels once its been applied and the colours to choose from are beautiful. I really love how the lip pencils match the lip colours sold.

There is no option to review the Hannon Moisture Seal so i thought I’d add my opinion here because its something every girl should go out and buy… It gives you a silky finish to your makeup – daily!!

I love using the Hannon Moisture Spray, after I have completed all my make up and I’m just about ready to walk out the door and start my hectic day at work. I spray 2 “squirts” on my face and I’m off.

I find that this spray holds the make up all day and dried really fast leaving a smooth, silky finish to my make up. The only downfall with these product are that I only get to purchase them at the beauty expo once a year – I’ve been told that you are able to get this at some salons or beauty spas, but I’ve never had the time to look into that. Come on beauty EXPO- one more month to go, and it’s the perfect timing as my current bottle is almost finished.