I used to have acne a while back and an insanely uneven skin tone. My mum then recommended Pond’s to me. At first I was skeptical since my friends had such bad things to say about it, especially because they regarded it as a cheap skin bleacher. I did not pay much attention to them because of how little they actually knew about the product…ignorance is bliss.

I then began using the product, within a month, my skin was smoother than it had been. I also started eating healthy food which included cutting down on frying but transitioning to steaming and boiling and lots of water. It is amazing how an immense amount of water intake helps your skin. And so with the combination of eating healthy, drinking water and using Pond’s my skin has gotten so much better. In fact it doesn’t even look like I ever had a break out… Pond’s is very useful especially in summer when your skin is exposed to a lot of heat, sweats and gets oily. I use it a lot in summer to even out my skin. It looks so great to the point that I do not even wear foundation on a daily basis, but only on extra special events. I am 22 years old and so I recommend this product to teens and anyone in their early teens who has uneven, oily skin that tends to have random break outs. Ponds products DO WORK and they are affordable, so go on and try it or recommend it to someone else!