The Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art is truly unlike any other eye make-up product I have used. I prefer powder products when it comes to eye make-up, so I was super excited to try out this cream shadow and the accompanying liquid liner (double-sided applicator).

The purpose of the product is to add some dazzle and oomph to how one would normally do their eye make-up – adding a little more glitz and glam to what would otherwise be an ordinary eye shadow application. In my opinion, the dazzling and bold colours of the eye shadows are more suited for a night time look rather than a day look, or a look where you would opt to go for a more natural and fresh look. I received the shadow with the gold glitter liner and the brilliant emerald green cream shadow.

I believe the packaging is well suited for the liquid contents. The glass tube is great for the liquid consistency of the product. However, the fact that it is placed in a glass tube means that as the product starts to finish, one would not be able to access the last bits of the cream shadow or the liquid liner at the bottom of the glass tube. Otherwise, I think the glass tube is a durable and well suited container for the product. The content of the glass tube are bold in colour and are therefore attractive to the eye.

I didn’t experience the product to have a certain type of specific smell. I felt it has the same odour as other make-up products I have used previously. The product when applied does last throughout the work day.

Being someone who is more inclined to using powder products for eye make-up (as well a pencil eyeliner), I am starting off by using the products cautiously. Which will mean that the product will probably last me some time. I found that the first time I used the eye shadow, I was unfamiliar with the consistency and how much to apply using the dip stick provided, therefore the product did not blend in so great and made my eye make-up look over done (seeing as I did wear it to work). However, after a few tries and some practice, I managed to get the hang of how to use the cream shadow.

I was not entirely convinced or impressed with the glitter eye liner. The liquid liner is slightly more sticky than the eye shadow. The pointed brush applicator does not allow for a thin line onto which one may build to thicken. One also needs to re-apply a two or three more coats in order to be able to see the liner on the lid. But once the liner is visible, it is a brilliant gold shimmer colour and very striking against my medium-dark complexion.

I was thoroughly impressed with the eye shadow itself. The dark emerald green goes very well with my skin tone. The colour is bold and bright, and it is visible on darker skin complexions. What I love most about it, is how it glides on so smoothly and, with a bit of patience and practice, how it blends so well. I also love this as alternative to black eye shadow, which can be very stark and ‘goth-like’.

The one thing I would recommend when using the product, is to be careful if you are a first-time applicant of the cream shadow. Too much will make your look seem over-done, too little, will make it look unblended. And although the gold liner was not such a hit with me, I must say the coordination of the eye shadow and eye liner colours is spot on! The gold and the emerald are a striking combination. Which, again as I had said previously, is a look that is definitely suited for a night out on the town.

I would most certainly recommend this product to that girl who loves to have a great time, the party-goer, as well as that girl who would like to dazzle with brilliant lid colour be it at a dinner party or a get together, this product is awesome.