Having two masks in the box gave me a little leeway to experiment: I tried it once literally before a date and once in a more relaxed atmosphere.
The mask fits well, covering my whole face with no excess cloth – which was great as I was curling my hair with the mask on. It started feeling a little tingly, which did make me feel a little nervous for my date, but I pressed on and wore it for the thirty minutes it took to do my hair.
I used the remaining serum to rub into my neck, décolletage and hands – there was a lot of excess serum, which made me feel like this product was really good value for money. Once done, the remaining serum easily absorbed into my skin and I was able to apply my moisturizer and make-up over it with no problem at all. You are able to get on with the rest of your date preparation (doing your hair or dressing) without the mask getting in the way too much – so you can literally use it before a date.
However, this mask really comes into its own when the results are not covered up with make-up immediately. A few days later, I used this mask before bedtime. I woke up the next morning with skin that looked really refreshed and youthful.
With two masks in the box and plenty of leftover serum to use on your neck, décolletage and hands this product is great value and actually works to give you a more refreshed appearance.
Oh – and quite nifty: the eye holes have flaps, so you can opt to have them open (for when you are preparing for your date) or closed (for when you are relaxing).
This is a great in between product to use instead of your really expensive masks, and also to ensure that your hands and décolletage also gets a bit of a treat – as I find most masks only have enough serum to cover the neck. I can’t wait to head back to the store to grab a few more boxes.