I was fortunate enough to find this epilator, from a reputable brand at a discounted R299! I knew i had to get my hands on it as I had been on the look out for an epilator.

I can’t afford regular waxing, so i decided to invest in an epilator.

This duo comes with a spray comforter to help make the epilation less painful. Also, instructions are available, but getting through the different languages to look for English was a bit frustrating.

I applied the comfort spray and gave it the 2-5 minutes to work. I easily switched on the epilator and bravely begun the process.

I was surprised at how bearable the pain was. I naturally have a high pain threshold, but the comforter helped make the epilation bearable.

The hairs were quickly and easily gripped by the epilator and I soon had smooth hairless skin.

I applied an anti-bumps cream, as I am prone to shaving bumps and ingrown hairs.

My hair usually starts growing back in 24 hours if I shave or use a hair remover cream, but after this epilation, it was a whole week before the hair started growing back!

The shaver is not so impressive, as far as i’m concerned. It does not give me a smooth shave with a single stroke…I have to run it over a couple of time before the hair is removed. So, I am not really a fan of it.

The epilator gets a 10/10, but the shaver gets a 6/10