I am obsessed with makeup but I absolutely detest removing it. It takes forever as I wear full makeup every single day and I hate how it leaves my skin feeling dry and cracked… like I need to saturate it in lip balm or something. I gave this a try after hearing how happy one of my friends were and I get why. Firstly it is so affordable and lasts really long, the oil infused liquid doesn’t dry my skin out or pull and tug at it like other removers. It even works with my normal face cloth when I have run out of cotton swabs. Best of all, it is a no-rinse product which I love for traveling. I always tend to still exfoliate afterward but I have had the odd occasion where that was not possible. I give this product a thumbs up! It even gets rid of my long lasting lipsticks in one swipe! Just be sure to shake it before every use or you will use up all the oil like I did with my 1st bottle. For my always dry skin, this has become a holy grail product!