I purchased my Human+Kind body oil just over a week ago and although I haven’t noticed any visible changes to my scar and stretch marks as yet, I am completely in love with the way this oil makes my skin feel.

I know this product is great quality because my skin still feels soft the next day, and even after I’ve showered. We all know how dry our skin can become after being exposed to water, but not when using this oil.

The product comes in a 75ml bottle and a very artsy box/packaging… the box is much bigger than the product itself and that brings me to my one con about this amazing oil… my bottle is about half way and I’ve been using it for a week. It says on the box to use twice a day, all over the body… which I have been doing so I forsee the oil only lasting me about two to three weeks, which for me is not ideal. I think H+K should reconsider the amount of oil they put into the bottle vs. the amount of product being used per usage. it is a bit pricey to be purchasing every two weeks, so I am still contemplating a repurchase, despite my immense love for this product.
and before I forget to mention, the smell is Aaah-ma-zing! so soft, gentle and clean!

Keep it up H+K