Being a 4C Natural hair grower it is quite tedious finding hair products that work with your hair type AND do not contain SLS, parabens and any other unwanted ingredients. Having my hair texture, during the summer, it tends to get quite dry with brittle ends due to the exposure of heat and humidity from the sun and other harsh elements and in Winter it gets quite dry and in need of a lot of moisture and keratin/protein to get it feeling smooth and soft. This Deep Conditioner is just my life saviour; it replenishes my hair after it has gone through some seasonal trauma as well as reconditions my hair after I have undone a protective style and want my afro looking alive and bouncy.
This product is creamy and thick in texture and is infused with this sweet vanilla ice cream, candyfloss-like smell that just makes me want to eat it!
I apply it to my hair while its damp, after a fresh wash and light detangle, and it absorbs like a dream with no traces of white specks or flacks. I finger-detangle my hair a bit further to make sure their aren’t any tangles or knots and this products has so much slip it cuts my detangle time in half! I then leave it in my hair (with a heat/shower cap over) for about 2 hours to work its magic or if I feel my hair is feeling extra ‘damaged’ I leave it in overnight. Once it is done I rinse it out with warm water and pat my hair dry with a 100% cotton T-shirt so that it does not soak up all the moisture in my hair. My hair feels amazing afterwards, SO SOFT to the point where I can freely run my fingers through it. The lovely candy smell lingers in you hair for a while and I feel so refreshed. I’m in love!