Who would have thought that Rihanna could be successful at singing and making perfume? Not that she physically makes it but what Rogue Love by Rihanna has to offer, is quite impressive! It’s got a light citrus smell, with an undertone of something sweet – like peaches… It instantly makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of fruit orchid. On a bad day, this is the smell that would make all your woes fade away.

It’s a very soft, smooth fragrance; wich opens easily with a pop off cap. The packaging is subtle, yet sophisticated. The 75 ml glass bottle fits perfectly in my handbag and is available for my use at any given time. Since using Rogue Love, I’ve received occasional compliments that I smell sweet. This fragrance is suitable for all ages, but I’m sure my mother would prefer something stronger. Oily skins need to be careful as the liquid does leave some residue on the skin once spayed.

A fair amount needs to be applied, for a lasting effect. I would recommend that you carry the bottle in your bag for an early afternoon top-up, as the durability is not that great. Even though I need a top-up, I do enjoy the light citrus smell and feel on my skin and would definitely recommend it to the ladies who are not too fond of smelling like a strong bodied fragrance. I will definitely buy it, but in the bigger bottle, as I think the 75ml will not last me long enough.