Comfort Zone is a professional spa skincare brand based in Italy focussed on natural ingredients. I tried the “Hydramemory extra cream 24h” a face cream specifically for my dry skin type.

The packaging is typical of a high quality spa product. In brief the product packaging is a shimmering pastel blue. The 50ml product is a round container with a screw lid. The information on the packaging is concise, complete with all essential product specific information and the manufacturers details. The consistency is typical of a smooth white face cream with a subtle nose.

Product claims:
Contains a combination of ingredients to revitalise the moisture levels and that it won’t clog pores.
“rich and exceptional long-lasting hydration for very dehydrated skins”

Product Performance:
I have three measures for face cream. First, the feeling of a product on my skin post cleansing. Second, the way it wears under my make-up. On both these counts this product faired exceptionally. Finally, product performance under different weather conditions. During the trial period of mid December to early January I used the product during a relentless highvelt heatwave and a North American winter and under both these extreme conditions the product faired satisfactory.

My recommendations for this product are that it works well with dry and sensitive skin. It is well suited for those over 30. I would buy this product.