If you haven’t heard, invisi bobble is the latest trend to amazing hair care, so what exactly is it? It is a trace less hair ring, which comes in a radical design. Compared to regular hair ties, this hair ring looks like a telephone wire, YES!! You read right, it looks like a telephone wire, but don’t let this hair ring fool you… It is amazing!

After doing some research on the Invisi Bobble, I searched a few online stores which stocked it such as Rubybox and RetailBox. I also checked a few local salons, which really recommended this… At first I thought they just wanted me to spend R80 on three plastic hair ties, but I was wrong.

The Invisi Bobble is promoted for various reasons, which are:
It is traceless
It avoids headaches
Doesn’t give you split ends
Has a strong grip
Is for all hair types.

I purchased the pack which contains three different colours, mine contained a black, hot pink and red invisibobble. The first one I used was a red. My hair is pin straight and I hate getting a hair line, so the invisi bobble promised no hair lines, YES! It lived up to the promise. Over time the invisibobble does get loose, so you need to give it a few days to get back to its original shape. I will admit, I snapped the red one in a day, so I didn’t think they were going to last long… Luckily the rest were quite long lasting and are still going strong!