Never considered a lip crayon or even knew what it was but I ended up ordering one mostly because it was reasonably price. For the most part I love the product.
It has a vibrant, intense colour and comes in some very lovely shades. It last quite long and I found that I didnt have to reapply as often as I did with other lipsticks.
I also like that its not shaped like a normal lipstick, its a cute, little, chubby stick that fits into the smallest purses. And I never have to worry about forgetting to wind it down before putting the cap back on. I always forget and end up with a nasty smudged lipstick in the cap that pretty much ruins everything but Avon Ultra Color Lip Crayon has a large cap so I never have to worry about this.
However I am definitely not loving the simmer the lip crayon has. I can basically feel the glitter on my lips, its more than a bit annoying. But im willing to over look this one, small flaw because ive hear it comes with out the glitter as well and ultimately I do love the end result and how the Lip crayon looks when I wear it.
The colour is rich and as much as it bothers an me the simmer loves lovely and I do like the look.