I had never tried BB cream before, but a friend convinced me that it was amazing and so I decided to try it. I must say I was amazed, I love the Garnier BB Cream. It is so smooth to apply and lasts all day. It did look a bit runny when I first applied it but works fantastically. My skin has never looked so radiant and I have never felt so confident to tell my friends what I am using. Garnier has sold me and I am now a proud supporter of the product. My skin is more even and blemish free, people are noticing how much clearer my skin. I am also pleased with how easy it comes off, you do not have to battle to wash your face because your foundation has stuck to your skin. Garnier has done exactly what they set out to achieve. It provided a fine matte finish and minimizes pores so you can leave the house feeling like a princess.