I literally had so many good things to say about this trio – I’ll give a brief description of my experience with each product.

Full Repair Shampoo: I love the amazing fragrance that accompanies this range of products, it’s definitely a mood enhancer and makes using the products a pleasurable experience. The Shampoo has a sheer/milky color with a shimmer to it. It foams up really well and rinses off easily. It leaves the hair feeling nourished and soft, as if you would not need any conditioner :)

Full Repair Conditioner: it is luxuriously and creamily textured. It spreads easily through the hair covering each strand from root to tip, a little goes a long way. I left mine on for about 5 mins in order to let my hair soak up all the goodness of this conditioner. It detangled my hair making it super easy to run my fingers through it with minimal breakage. The surprising part is that is rinsed out very quickly with absolutely no fuss. I usually have to scrub my head to get that ‘soapy’ feeling out, but with this, no such hassle, I love it! My hair felt like a thick silky blanket under the water, if i could take pics of that, i would have, but do not think my camera would have been to happy!

Full Repair Deep Conditioner Intensive Mask: If you would like to take the healing process a step further then I would suggest using this instead of your conditioner twice a week and leaving on for about 5 mins. It rinses out just as quickly as the conditioner, but when styling my hair, I noticed it to be a it weighed down and a tad greasy, so I don’t really think this is necessary to use on my hair (perhaps only in a real SOS emergency) as the conditioner seems to be sufficient. The treatment seems to have a thinner consistency to the conditioner (and I would have expected it to be the other way around).

All in all, I am seriously impressed with the results. My before and after pictures speak volumes. I think that John Frieda definitely delivers on the promises with this range. My hair is left beautifully hydrated, healthy and super glossy. My styling time was also cut in half (from 45 mins to about 20-25 mins) which is a heaven sent! I did not really get the whole ‘full body/bounce’ aspect from this range – I think that could be because I use a GHD to style my hair as I prefer my hair to be flat without volume (I have a lot of hair), so I’m kind of grateful that there was no extra volume. I would definitely recommend this product!