The packaging is attractive because I like the colours. They are pretty and vibrant. I also prefer this type of container, which can be rolled up and applied directly to lips. It is more hygienic than the finger-application variety (because when you’re at work or out and about you’re touching lots of things and can’t always wash your hands before applying, unless you have hand sanitizer in your bag). It also allows for quick and easy application.

The smell of the lip-balm is very fruity and citrusy. I prefer strawberry and cherry smells, but I don’t necessarily dislike the smell.

Upon application, it feels smooth like butter on my lips, but it doesn’t feel like it absorbs into my lips. It just stays on the surface and my lips still feel dry underneath. I also found that I had to apply a lot of the product at a time, and even though I do have dry lips generally, Its more than I apply when using other lip balms.

It gives a glossy shine, but doesn’t last long before I need to re-apply.

Overall, I didn’t dislike the product, but I wasn’t wow-ed by it either.