A fragrance simply named Karl Lagerfeld Private Klub EDP For Her.
The packaging and sparkling form from its box, like the architected Couturier collections, stimulates the lust of desire.
This sophisticated and floral-oriental fragrance opens on top floral and fruity sweet soft rose, musk and vanilla soft touch on the skin that’s puts you in a sensual mood. The soft floral sweet fragrance aroma definitely gets people asking “What Fragrance are you wearing?”
The heart of this woody vanilla Eau de Parfum plunges me into a mysterious atmosphere.
The almond, musk and cashmere both dry and powdery revolve around a delicate and captivating sweet Rose.
Finally, it reveals a sensuality expressed by warm notes of almond, musk and cashmere associated with a powerful vanilla musk soft touch like cashmere.
I would definitely recommend Karl Lagerfeld Private Klub EDP For Her to all Ladies, I really fell in love with the EDP Fragrance. I would definitely buy me a new bottle once mine is finish.
A 5 Star fragrance.