Last week Thursday I had the privilege of trying out Philip Kingsley No Scent No Color Shampoo and Conditioner. When I had opened the bottle to smell the Shampoo it really had a very light smell, almost no smell at all! The Shampoo was very runny, a lot runnier than other Shampoo’s I have used previously. The bottle cap opens well and the packaging looks clean and practical, the wording and instructions are clear and gets to the point. I got a small tube of each, I would say about enough for 3 washes. At first I started to freak out a little, when I got into the shower my hair had GHD curls in them and after wetting it, when I applied the Shampoo it felt like straws and VERY knotted, I started panicking because I had a Olaplex color/treatment done a week and a half ago and thought that the Shampoo might have caused some reaction and my hair is probably stuffed BUT luckily it was just knots and nothing serious. I wasn’t too impressed by how my hair felt after washing off the Shampoo but then I applied the Conditioner and that’s when Philip Kingsley bowled me OUT completely! I had high hopes and within seconds my hair was like silk. The Conditioner formed a thick layer of softness all over my hair and I could glide my fingers through it like it was a comb. I stood there for at least 10min to wash off the Conditioner and my hair felt AMAZING wet and I couldn’t wait to dry it. When I started drying it, I immediately noticed how very shiny it was. My hair is platinum blonde and getting it shiny is a difficult task because bleach dries it out so much. Today is Monday and my hair is still shiny, clean and looks amazing. I got a few compliments on Friday and even Saturday of how soft and good my hair looks. I would recommend Philip Kingsley No Scent No Color Shampoo and Conditioner to anyone, whether you have a VERY sensitive skin or you just don’t enjoy any strong sent when it comes to your hair, this range is definitely for you. I would purchase the range for sure, I love it!