The bean appearance of the design is appealing. The Tangle Teaser certainly does look the part. The shape and design is appears ideal to fit into ones hand. The short yet wide bristles work well with most hair types and lengths. It should be a great product to deal with knots but it is not.

The top of the tangler gives minimal grip and with wet slippery hands the design becomes a challenge. What you end up with is to tightly grip the sides of the detangler which makes combing a bit of a mission.

This product needs somewhere for the hand to slip through to give better grip and control while using. Also with repeated use and potentially constant slipping the separate plastic parts of this product become compromised and can become loose and or let water into the two sections.

This product is ok. However, it is best not used in the bath and or shower where the risk of slip is increased. I find the head massagers with a solid handle-not the detachable type that almost never stays together-to work better. Also do check the handle for smoothness before you buy a detangler. Some tend to be cut poorly and the residue plastic hurts your hand with the slightest force.

At a price above R200 this product felt like an over investment. I have a big mane of curls and I do prefer detangles to alternate brushes and combs. Particularly since I more frequently wear a natural afro. Alternative unbranded salon detanglers are much cheaper and I find that they work better.

Love Naturally
Silk Helmet Lady