Want to experience love at first sight? Then you have to try out LCN’s Permanent Eyeliner Pen! Hands down one of the best eyeliners I have ever used and will continue to use in years to come!

The best quality about this product is that this liquid liner does not smudge or run. It is so spot on with its fine tip that you just can’t go wrong when applying it. The one I tried and tested came in a dark blue shade. This colour was perfect. It was not too overpowering as a black liner, but still as effective, and in my opinion, ten times better!

It’s great that this product is water resistant, which ultimately does make it rather permanent, as the name of the product suggests. This also makes it long-lasting, which is obviously what you want for a product like this. However, this is not ideal if you make a mistake during application, which I did on a few occasions. It became a battle to wash off and stained my eyelids. But, the effect I got from this eyeliner once it was applied to my liking was phenomenal! It made my eyes stand out like never before and complemented the rest of my makeup look so well.

LCN Permanent Eyeliner Pen has now become my favourite and most highly recommended cosmetic eyeliner.