The Sally Hansen brand overall puts out excellent quality products. I have never been disappointed in a Sally Hansen product. I love the fact that you can get a complete range of nail from this brand. From the initial tools, cuticle treatments and colours.

What I particularly love about the nail polishes is the consistent quality of the formulations. Every season trends change and so too do the colours. Sometimes brands get the colours right but at the cost of the quality.

I absolutely love the colours in this range. The design is cute yet still practical. The brushes on these and all other Sally Hansen products are high quality which helps with perfect applications. These products are also great value for money. The quality is consistent and you will get at least seven if not more days of perfect nails.

The high quality of the polish also means that it stays thin. Sally Hansen products also have faster drying times in general and moreover have a fast dry top coat which is ideal for when you want to apply polish later in the day. The waiting time for polish is cut down significantly which also increases the chances of getting perfectly set colours without smudges.

Overall, I love this brand. The quality and cost is absolutely worth it.

Love Naturally
Silk Helmet Lady