Everybody is trying out Argan Oil treatments because they are becoming a hit in South Africa and other parts of the world, this revolutionary hair treatment which hails from Morocco. It has amazing ingredients which leave hair silky soft and simply amazing.

So I was walking through Ballito Clicks when I saw this product (I’m really familiar with Lee Stafford products and I know they work wonders!) I was really eager to try it out, I don’t really have serious hair damage, but I wanted to try it out to give me softer, sleeker hair.

I purchased a bottle for R100, which I know sounds really expensive however these products do work and you not really going to use a lot so it’s worth the try.

I thought I’d spend my Saturday pampering myself this afternoon, so I applied a few drops of the Argan Oil and massaged it well into the tips and mid section of my hair (I don’t apply it on my roots because I end up suffering with oily hair for days) I then wrapped my hair in a warm towel.

*No product ever says wrap your hair in a warm towel, but trust me it’s the best way to get the most of your treatment! Mainly because the warm towel allows the product to soak into your hair more and nourish it more.*

After an hour of relaxing with a warm towel wrapping my hair, I decided to give my hair a wash and condition. After drying and styling my hair (straightening) I noticed my hair was amazingly soft and smooth and had a glamourous shine! Plus my hair doesn’t have an oily feeling and it smells really amazing.

I would recommend anybody who loves a good pampering and is in need of a good hair treatment try this out! You really won’t regret it.