I’d never used a lip crayon before, i admit to buying it simply because it was there and reasonably priced and after using Avon Ultra Color Lip Crayon, for the most part I was impressed by the product.
Firstly I love that its not shaped like a regular lipstick, its a cute, little, chubby stick thats not bulky and easy to carry around in even the smallest of purses. It has a wind-up mechanism but im always forgetting to wind it back down before putting the cap back on but the cap is big and has enough space inside to avoid smooshing my lip crayons when im forgetful.
It has a very rich colour and comes is some very beautiful shades, my favourite is red. I don’t like the glitter in the lip crayon, im constantly aware of it on my lips when I wear it, and its somewhat uncomfortable but I’ve heard that it does come without the glitter so im willing to over look this one thing.
Its not very moisturising, it doesn’t necessarily dry out your lips but it doesnt provide the softness I was hoping for either. The colour is long lasting and reapplication is not a constant necessity and it glides on quite easy. Despite my few grievances at the end of the day I love the end result and how the lip crayon looks when im wearing it so I would recommend it to anyone.