I tried the shade “Stellar Sunrise” which was a beautiful colour. The liquid lipstick is packaged as a typical lipgloss would be. The product however has a very unpleasant scent, but it does not linger once applied. The application of the thin, liquidy product was a bit difficult as it can apply patchy and needs evening out. After a few minutes it dries and makes my lips feel like they are “tightening”.

It feels sticky and settles into the fine lines on the lip. Once dried, the product does not transfer unless you roll your lips together, in which case it results in a very tacky looking lip colour. It applies like a paint where the colour is somewhat “glued” to the lips and smiling makes the colour “tear”. Even though the colour was long-lasting (and extremely difficult to remove) I felt it was the most uncomfortable lip product to wear as it was very drying and a lip balm on top didn’t help. I definitely wouldn’t purchase or recommend it.