Good evening to all fellow Beauty addict.

I am new to Beauty South Africas website and signed up my own beauty profile now. I thought I would start by first making a review on Schwarzkopf LIVE COLOR XXL, Hair dye I not so long ago bought and tried.

I used to be blonde but started getting bored, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try something new and BOLD!

I purchased the Schwarzkopf LIVE COLOR XXL, In number 47 which is Plum Perfection! and to my satisfactory it was indeed PERFECTION :)

On average, I have to dye my hair every 4weeks.It becomes damaging to your condition and state of hair. In my case I’ve been blessed with long thick hair, but should still be aware of the consequences of over dying your hair.

I started noticing a difference – when I was dying my hair with other branded boxes. I noticed more split ends or hair loss.

But I am pleased to say that I have fallen in love with Schwarzkopf’s products. This dye has lasted me over two months and I still don’t even need to touch up my roots yet.

They were right when they mentioned on the box that its “COLOUR INTENSE” – It definitely is a more intense, long lasting and vibrant colour.

And my hair is healthy!!!!

The product is infused with pomegranate and smells refreshing, The hair dye has vitamin C which intensifies the colour pigments deep into the hair and still gives a result of a full and healthy shine.


I also purchased Schwarzkopf Hair Repair Color Protect, the Schwarzkopf Ultimate hair Repair Gloss Treatment for Anti-Damage and the Schwarzkopf Hair Repair 3 min Total Repair Anti-Breakage-Mask all from the Gliss range. This is to ensure that my hair is still treated and maintained after under going the dying process.


Kind Regards