I took the plunge and bought this on saturday, R189 at clicks and when looking at the small tube it sort of seems like it’s expensive and I had to think twice about buying it. I can say I am very well impressed with it, it is very matte and you can build the cover to perfection but at the same time it looks so smooth and natural. The one thing about it tho is it is a bit drying on my skin, when i first put it on in the morning it makes my face feel dry and tight (kinda like the feeling of the LA girl matte glosses) but then I find that if I apply a bit more moisturizer before applying it then its fine and also about an hour or two into my day when my skin would normally start getting shiny and oily then it kinda balances it out so it works out perfectly!! And lasts all day. I can see this is gonna become a big hit! The little tube it comes in is also super cute!