I am a die-hard eyeliner user and I am obsessed with pen-shaped liners. So when I received the Super Line Black Buster eyeliner, I was excited to try it out. The product promises 8 hours of wear, and this product definitely lasted much longer. The application was 100% black but during the course of the day it lightened a bit, but I still had the perfect look. The wear was so comfortable; it felt as if I had no liner on eyes. The tip is the perfect thickness to achieve the desired affect.

Removing the eyeliner was simple and effortless; all it took was warm soapy water and gentle washing to remove the liner.

I was able to easily apply the liner myself and didn’t require any assistance – which is great, as applying eyeliner can be tricky sometimes. I would however, prefer the bigger applicator, as it is easier to apply the liner in one single line as opposed to reapplying when using a thinner line. The liner also lasted the entire day, from daytime to a night out, which is exactly what I was looking for in an eyeliner!

Overall – I was extremely happy with this liner! I have already traded my old liner for this new super liner!