An intense, brush-on cuticle oil that instantly smoothes, softens and helps restore moisture to cuticles. I love the packaging as it is small and easy to keep next to your bed so that you can use it daily. The packaging is visually appealing and makes you really want to try it out. The product smells fresh, like cucumbers and fresh fruit. The consistency is clear and gel like. The only problem I experienced was that you had to squeeze the tube really hard to get the gel substance out. My nails are looking softer and shinier, and my cuticles are really looking healthy, with no more jagged edges. I am happy with the results. I have been using this product for a week and have definitely noticed a change in my cuticles. This is a product I highly recommend as your cuticles often get ignored and they need TLC everyday. I would buy this product on a regular basis and keep my cuticles looking and feeling good, there is nothing worse that a good manicure and ragged cuticles.