This product’s packaging is lovely – but then again I do love Estée Lauder products and always think that the packaging is great. The blue and gold combination is stunning. I think a pump bottle would have worked better for the serum, as I found more often than not I would dispense too much product at a time. The serum is silky smooth and glides onto the skin.  It has a lovely scent. I had used the product for around 2 weeks and noticed that my skin tone improved (no more dull looking skin), and I was left with glowing skin. I also found that the slight scarring I had on my face was lightened – which made me feel that this product was a powerful serum if used consistently over a longer period of time. This product is also great at ensuring you are left with an even skin tone – I suffer from redness and this product was definitely a winner in banishing uneven skin tone.

It is quite expensive, but definitely worth the splurge!