I am quite impressed by this eye cream! I have quite bad under eye circles, and the long hours required of me for my work doesn’t help, and often makes me wake up with puffiness under my eyes too. I have tried several eye creams with the hope of combating the issue, with no success. After having used this product for a month, my thoughts are as follows.
This eye cream has no specific scent, did not cause my eyes to itch or become red (which many I’ve tried before did), and is extremely rich & hydrating. I found it to be the perfect base for which to apply under eye concealer; leaving my under eye area moisturised all day. Although not a “miracle cure” for my under eye circles or puffiness, it does seem to do a better job of controlling this issue than any other eye cream I’ve tried. I apply it in the area where “crows feet” are developing too, and it seems to keep that area hydrated all day, so foundation and concealer don’t dry it out, making the issue more noticeable. Overall, an excellent eye cream which I will continue to use. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5, is because whilst the packing looks very classy (love the little glass pot and gold lid), the gold writing on the label started wearing off on my fingers very soon after I started using it, which means if you’re not careful, you can get some of the gold “glitter” from the label on your skin.