Absolutely loved trying this makeup remover! The bottle is pretty, simple and very elegant. It really does look and feel like you’re using a top quality product. When you first try it you’ll notice the subtle and delicate notes of flowers. The makeup remover has two liquids in the bottle, which you need to shake to get them to mix before use.
I found that it did a great job removing eye makeup, even tough waterproof mascara was gone with just a swipe or two. My eyes also tend to get quite irritated and red from makeup removers, but this gentle formula didn’t irritate or make my eyes red at all.
I’ve also tried it out a few times to take off my face makeup and found that it did a great job, but I did experience that it left a slightly oily film on my skin which I needed to wash off afterwards. Overall, this is a absolutely lovely product and definitely one of the top makeup removers I have ever tried. The only reason why I would be hesitant to try it again, or to recommend it, is because of the price. At R415 for 125ml it’s a little steep for me for everyday use.