The purpose of this product is to smooth an eliminate frizz, and it really works wonders. I like the packaging, it looks high-end and is easy to use. It has a soft, pleasant smell. The texture of the shampoo is very thick and it does not spread very well. It does not lather as well as regular shampoos but this is due to the fact that it is sulphate-free The price is very steep for only 250ml of the product but it is a concentrated formula, with instructions saying to only use a dime-sized amount. I used a little more because my hair is long, and it did not lather, and I am used to lathering shampoos. It left my hair feeling clean.. My family have noticed that my hair is in better condition and is virtually frizz-free since using the Pureology Curl Complete products. Used in conjunction with the conditioner, I was very happy with the results.