I absolutely love wearing Liquid Lip Stick but I have mixed feelings about Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Lipstick. It comes in a clear tube with a black cap which looks very simple and easy to use though.
The colour is absolutely gorgeous and the colour really pops but I was disappointed in the texture. It makes my lips feel really dry even though I applied Lip Balm and after the formula has settled it feels really sticky which I don’t like. I dislike the smell as well because it is not pleasant at all. If

If I had to recommend this product, I would only on the terms that the colour is absolutely gorgeous and the product lasts long, which means touch-ups aren’t necessary like some Liquid Lipsticks. Overall I would rate this product to be average. By all means if the person who uses it can withstand the sticky texture, this would be a perfect Liquid Lip Stick to try out.