What’s better after a long stressful day at work than to pamper yourself and enrobe your body in the mesmerizing and enchanting scent of Black Orchid and Juniper Oil. As the scents mix, they create a calming and relaxing scent which makes your skin feel amazingly refreshed and clean.

My first reaction when I saw the bottle was that its so eye catching, the bottle had a burst of purple which attracted me to the bottle, while the lid of the bottle has a shimmer effect which catches the light. The most exciting part for me was when I opened the bottle, a huge “OMG” was waiting to come out. I squeezed some of the body wash on a sponge and watched as a beautiful royal purple gel was right there before me. The body wash had a good consistency which I would agree isn’t too runny or too thick, it’s just perfect.

As I started to create a lather I was amazed that the foam had a purple tint which got me so excited because I’ve never seen a body wash with a tinted foam before, but the foam eventually begun to fade, but that refreshingly sweet scent was still lingering all over the sponge and in the shower, as it mixed with the hot water I strangely felt the scent enhanced. I found the body wash to be very foamy and felt absolutely luxurious on my skin. After having a shower I could smell that yummy scent all over my skin. It faded over time, however the scent does linger on skin.

I would recommend you give this body wash a try because the scent is really dreamy and amazing.