The Lux Fine Fragrance range of body washes is simply amazing. I used the Sheer Twilight and was happy with how easy the bottle is to handle.

However, the contents were different to the one on the advert on tv. The tv version looked creamy, but this one is has a gel-like consistency.

My disappointment and confusion was short lived as I was hit by the sensational scent of the body wash. It smelt very expensive. I applied a little bit on my loofah and was amazed by the amount of lather/foam I got. At the same time, the whole bathroom was engulfed by the amazing scent.

Using this body wash was an amazing experience, however, the smell of the fragrance only lasted less than an hour on my skin. Perhaps if I was to use the lotion version of this body wash, the fragrance would last longer.

Despite this, I would recommend this Lux Fine Fragrance body wash for an amazing experience during bath-time.