I purchased this item at a sale for a fraction of the selling price just to try it out. I have since been sold, this is my new makeup remover. I usually only use this face wash when I have heavy make-up on (the full shabang, usually on a night out on weekends). The formula is smooth (I wonder if it contains oil) and removes my make-up very easily. It does struggle a little with removing mascara though.

In terms of packaging, it does not come in a box, i.e. you purchase it as you see in the picture above. The aesthetics of the bottle is pleasing to the eye and the label does not peel off in the steam from your shower. The pump allows you to take how much you need without contaminating the rest, and is a quicker option than reaching and having to flip the lid of a face wash open. The convenience to use the product is a big seller for a lazy person like me (sometimes, after a long night out, it’s a mission enough to force myself to wash my face. I don’t want more administration associated with the accessing the face wash).

I love this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a make-up removing face wash.