I always get compliments for my eyes and with this, I realised quickly enough that my eyes are what makes my face pop.

We all need to find that one attribute that makes your face look gorgeous. What is yours?

I have found that not only the colour of my eyes, but also my lashes, are the features that stand out the most.
Finding a great product to elevate this feature, may be tricky and costly.

Student budget is nothing more than art and tricks, because this has taught me to find the best for less. Now, I’m not saying that this is the best, but for my budget, it was value for money.

I always struggle with mascaras that dry out too quickly, not because I use it incorrectly, but because of the product! Essence, however, has shown a few mascaras that not only lasts long, but also looks fabulous.

I apply one layer on my upper lashes and wait for it to dry before I apply another layer, focusing on the tips the second time. And don’t forget the lower lashes… because with Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara it is actually very easy to apply to the lower lashes as well, due to the shape and design of the brush.
With this brush, I find that my lashes are beautifully separated and volumized, also allowing me to apply to the lower lashes, without smudges.