When I bought the Revlon ColorStay eyeshadow I chose the pallet Brazin Desinvolte 520, the reason for my choice because I like browns and earthy natural colors. The colors in this pallet just do not seem to go very well together but maybe if I chose a different pallet I would have had a different opinion, so my review I am writing now would be purely based on quality and packaging.
The three lightest colors in the pallet is very sheer and you basically have to paste it on your eyes to get any effect, for the darkest color in the pallet (which is one of my daily routine shadows) I would give an A+ as it is very pigmented and long-lasting ( I cannot comment on 16 hours, because I never wear the makeup that long)

The packaging of this product would is say is rather elegant, you know less is more. Basic black with white text. It gives the effect of maturity. On the back of the packaging I found it so cute that they had this little How-To guide giving the client direction on the most appropriate way to apply the shadow.
Overall for this product I would give a 6/10