I haven’t gotten over this blush yet, so mind me if I sound like a 10 year old with a new toy! Creme blushes scare me because I have really oily skin, I was really hesitant when I heard about this blush, but I’ve also read raves apon raves about this product which got me to give it a try.

So what is the product? According to Maybelline it ” feels lightweight like a powder yet melts into skin like a cream” I really don’t think I can explain it any better. The texture of this blush is really one of a kind, it has a soft fluffy kind of feel, and I was tempted quite a few times to press my finger into the blush.

So I took this blush to India with me, because it was quite compact and the love affair had started. I have become obsessed with this blush, that I am afraid of forgetting it somewhere or running out of the product! I really love how it melts into skin, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth with a light shimmer.

Now you have to admit, finding the right blush is so hard, but once I tried the plum wine, I knew this was the blush for me. It is so simple to use, just lightly swipe your finger over the silky smooth light texture and transfer to cheeks in circular motion, I’ve even tried applying it with a Blender Baby, and WOW it gives cheeks a beautiful flushed but absolutely natural airbrush look.

I’d really recommend you give this blush a try, it is easy and compact, but just remember when using the blush, apply it before powder, it sets much better. So ladies… Look forward to falling in love with this amazing soft and fluffy blush!